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Philippi Mine


General building and concrete sand. The grading for the unprocessed dune sand falls in the SABS envelope for general building, concrete, mortar and plaster application. The sand is fine to coarse-grained, with well-proportioned grain-size variation. The grains are rounded to sub-rounded, resulting in a low water requirement.


Lime is added to screened dune sand for plastering and superior strength brickwork. Lime Sand has the ability to permeate into crevices and irregularities, thus producing an intimate bond with the masonry units. 


On order only – 48h notice

With the aid of water the Philippi dune sand is forced through 3.2mm aperture screen to ensure that all vegetation is removed. Although the clay/silt content is naturally below the 3% cut-off for the concrete envelope, the washed sand in essence contains no clay/silt. This is the purest form of Philippi dune sand available.

Contact Philippi Mine

Old Weltevrede Road, Philippi

Contact: (021) 371 3310

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